Neem Plant Tonic and Propagation Station

Neem Plant Tonic and Propagation Station

Neem Plant Tonic and Propagation Station

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These two beauties would normally be $85 -- but you can get them during the 5 Days of Holiday Cheer 2022 -- for only $50! (While supplies last.)


1) Make plant babies for free and eliminate plastic pot waste with a propagation station!

This sleek beauty is solid maple with four glass tubes so you can see rooting in action! Even better -- it's made in Canada byย Plant Vitamins.


2) This all-natural pest control blend was formulated and thoroughly tested by herbalists and gardeners. Neem oil + other botanicals will deter, kill and prevent future infestations of insects and mold, all while benefiting your house plants!

Those fungus gnats will be no more!

Glass bottles can be recycled or refilled!

To use, shake well, then spray leaves with a light mist of the tonic at a height of 30cm/12". If using as a leaf shine, gently wipe off after a minute with a soft cloth. If using as a pesticide on soil where you suspect an infestation, spray, then disturb the top layers of soil, then spray again and let dry.

If Neem oil becomes clumpy at the top, and doesn't blend after shaking bottle, simply remove sprayer and warm for 20 seconds in a microwave. Neem is solid at room temperature. We use glycerin and castile soap to emulsify, but without other synthetic additives, sometimes the formula needs some help with heat.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Azadirachta indica Oil, Sapindus saponaria, Vegetable Glycerin, Castile Soap, Melaleuca alternifolia Oil, Mentha arvensis Oil, Rosmarinus officinalis Oil, Thymus serpyllum Oil, Lavandula officinalis Oil.

All formulas hand prepared in fresh batches in Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

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