Ficus 'Tineke' in White and Brown Clay Pot

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Ficus 'Tineke' in White and Brown Clay Pot

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The painted effect on the leaves of this Ficus 'Tineke', aka Rubber Plant, are stunning.

This plant stands 1' tall.

Beyond the "trendy" look, ficus are amazing air purifiers! Put one of these in your home with new finishes and you'll be detoxing the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the air.

Put one in your bedroom, and you won't need a humidifier! 

They need bright sunlight, but not direct on their leaves. Water frequently with a cup of water, but not until the top layer of soil is mostly dry. 

To encourage even growth and maximum photosynthesis, rotate weekly.

The tough leaves are not an easy chew, but if you have a cat or dog who tends to nibble on plants, this is not the plant for you.

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