DIY Terrarium Kit

DIY Terrarium Kit
DIY Terrarium Kit
DIY Terrarium Kit
DIY Terrarium Kit

DIY Terrarium Kit

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Looking for a tactile and calming experience to gift yourself, your mother, sister, or friend? Making this gorgeous terrarium is just the thing. It's like a craft project, yoga session, horticultural therapy and an ecology lesson all in one!

 What will I experience and learn?

  • All about the cool science of soil, roots, and desert plants;
  • How to care for your succulents and other plants in general;
  • A few new ideas about how to care for your own mental and physical wellness;
  • The calming effects of mindful breathing and working with soil and plants;
  • Sacred or symbolic connection to objects from nature (i.e. driftwood from Lake Ontario, moss agate and rose quartz).

What comes in the kit?

  • a beautiful teardrop glass and brass terrarium (1' tall x 6" wide);
  • a bunny ear cacti and succulent (echeveria or agave);
  • real moss, driftwood from Lake Ontario, moss agate and rose quarts crystals;
  • sand, pebbles, and succulent soil;
  • a colourful journal/meditation guide and instruction sheet

Who is the teacher?
Sarah Peel is the right person to create a learning experience that connects your head, heart and hands! She is the Founder of Petit Soleil, a yogi with deep prayer practice, and an experienced classroom teacher with a degree in Environmental Studies. She has grown her own garden and tended to house plants for as long as she can remember, but over this year of the pandemic, she really became curious about the connection between mental wellness, self care, and tending to house plants. What recent brain and productivity science reveals on this topic is really stunning! You will be sparked by the magic (mystery + science) of plants, refreshed with deep breathing and mindfulness, and (re)inspired to care for your mental wellness in these frustrating and unpredictable times!

Where and when does it take place?
You can do the DIY Terrarium at any time you choose!

What are the safety precautions?
We will do contactless pick-up or delivery.

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