DIY Planter & Wellness Kit for Kids

Petit Soleil Studio SKU: PWKK01
DIY Planter & Wellness Kit for Kids
DIY Planter & Wellness Kit for Kids
DIY Planter & Wellness Kit for Kids
DIY Planter & Wellness Kit for Kids
DIY Planter & Wellness Kit for Kids
DIY Planter & Wellness Kit for Kids

DIY Planter & Wellness Kit for Kids

Petit Soleil Studio SKU: PWKK01
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Looking for a hands-on activity for your kids? This science and self-care activity connects mental wellness habits and taking care of plants. (Check out our latest Instagram post on this.) Your child or teen will have a sensory experience planting a spider plant and discovering the magic of soil, roots and leaves -- they won't even realize there was learning going on! It's like a craft project, horticultural therapy and an ecology lesson all in one!

Comes with a pre-recorded 25 minute video that covers the demo (10 minutes) and guided inquiry.

Ideal for 5-15 year olds if you think they'd *dig* it. (And if your 3 year old wants to join her older siblings and has some help from you, that works, too!)

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 What will my kid(s) experience and learn?

  • All about the cool science of soil, roots, and the spider plant itself;
  • How to care for their spider plant and other plants in general;
  • A few new ideas about how to care for their own mental and physical wellness;
  • The calming effects of working with soil and plants.

What comes in the kit?

  • a spider plant (with multiple sprouts) in a galvanized steel pot;
  • a white paint pen to decorate your pot;
  • a set of mini gardening hand tools; 
  • kelp meal and soil infused with compost so you can fertilize and plant some more later;
  • a colourful worksheet and link to a 10 minute video of demo and inquiry.

Who is the teacher?
Sarah Peel is the right person to create a learning experience that connects your head, heart and hands! She is the Founder of Petit Soleil, but also an experienced classroom teacher with a degree in Environmental Studies. For many years she taught young people ecology, organic gardening and nature appreciation at the Community Garden of Friends, High Park Nature Centre, High Park Children's Garden, and the Boyne River Outdoor Education Centre. She has grown her own garden and tended to house plants for as long as she can remember, but over this year of the pandemic, she really became curious about the connection between mental wellness, self care, and tending to house plants. What recent brain and productivity science reveals on this topic is really stunning! Your kids will be sparked by the magic (mystery + science) of plants and inspired to care for their mental wellness in ways that can last a lifetime!

Where and when does it take place?
You can do this at home or cottage at any time you choose! Sarah teaches on a pre-recorded video and uses an overhead camera to make the tutorial easy to follow. The DIY Planter Kit will either be picked up or delivered, so if you live in Durham Region, Scarborough and Northumberland, that is the most ideal.

What are the safety precautions?
We will do contactless pick-up or delivery.

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