Sarah and Wes Peel are the founders of Petit Soleil Studio

We're Sarah & Wes Peel. This fun lil' biz of plants, design & learning experiences we've dreamed up is all about connecting with nature to bring beauty and health to our home. How can we not share that, right?!โ 

Sarah loves making, styling and growing things. She has a lot of fun connecting with other plant lovers, and helping new plant parents grow in confidence! As a long-time environmental educator with a particular fascination for holistic health, it's second nature for her to create and lead interactive learning experiences for kids and adults.ย 

Wes is a high school Art teacher, mixed media photographer and printmaker. On occasion, Wes is our card illustrator, cyanotype expert (i.e. mixing the chemistry that makes our blue prints), and the guy who made the 20 bulb UV photo exposure unit in our basement. You can follow his workย @wespeelโ  on Instagram.

We live in a tiny 1958 mid-century bungalow in Whitby, Canada with our 2 cats, Cato and Jaques.โ