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    All natural botanical tonics to feed and protect your plants. Thoroughly researched and tested by herbalists and gardeners. Freshly made in small batches.

    3 products
    500 ml amber glass spray bottle with "plant tonic" label on it. Beside it is a refill bottle. Plants surrounding it it are pothos, snake plant and monstera.
    500 ml amber glass spray bottle next to a prayer plant and begonia
    Plant Tonic: All-Natural Pest Control + Leaf Shine
    Petit Soleil Studio
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    Plant Elixir: Kelp + Humic Acid Plant Food (12 litres)
    Petit Soleil Studio
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    a line up of all-natural, refillable gardening supplies for plants and hands
    amber jar of gardeners' hand repair. jar is open so that cream is visible
    All Natural Gardening Bundle
    Petit Soleil Studio