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    6 products
    500 ml amber glass spray bottle with "plant tonic" label on it. Beside it is a refill bottle. Plants surrounding it it are pothos, snake plant and monstera.
    500 ml amber glass spray bottle next to a prayer plant and begonia
    Plant Tonic: All-Natural Pest Control + Leaf Shine
    Petit Soleil Studio
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    Plant Elixir: Kelp + Humic Acid Plant Food (12 litres)
    Petit Soleil Studio
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    set of three mini gardening tools for houseplants. metal with wooden handles. eco friendly home.
    Mini Hand Tools for Houseplants
    Petit Soleil Studio
    Neem Plant Tonic and Propagation Station
    Petit Soleil Studio
    gardeners' hand scrub in refillable amber glass bottle surrounded by pumice, spearmint and rosemary leaves
    video demonstration of cleaning hands with gardeners' hand scrub
    Hand and Body Cleansing Scrub | Rosemary Spearmint
    Petit Soleil Studio
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    a zero waste paper bag of 250 grams diatomaceous earth. natural pest prevention and deterrent for gardens and houseplants
    Diatomaceous Earth | 250g
    Petit Soleil Studio