Plant Killer Rehab

instructor of Plant Killer Rehab Sarah Peel
Plant Killer Rehab is a course that will help you get that green thumb of your dreams! You will become a more intuitive and joyful plant parent.
Plant Killer Rehab
Plant Killer Rehab

Plant Killer Rehab

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Plant Killer Rehab is a simple and intuitive approach to plant care that will get you and your plants thriving!

It's never too late to grow that green thumb!⁠

It's perfect for busy people! Full of video, audio and quick daily activities you can do at your own pace.

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Want the summary?

It'll help you:

💚 understand your plants more intuitively, and feel less stress about the "rules".⁠

☮️ look forward to your daily plant sessions. It's not just something to "do", it's a time to "be".⁠

✨ experience a ripple effect of appreciation and happiness in your life.⁠

🌵 🌿 Oh yeah! You’ll eventually have the indoor oasis of your dreams. You still have plant mishaps, but you're pretty chill about it.⁠⠀


1. The Basic Course isn't basic! $122
5 modules on a beautiful platform. Full of audio and video you can listen/watch on the go. Downloadable PDFs and even a yoga session with plants!

2. Course with Workbook + Journal/Tracker  $162
Do you enjoy pen and paper? Then this is the option for you! The journal is spiral bound, printed in colour and delivered to your door. It includes all the reflections, activities and guides for the course (which are all downloadable PDFs with The Basic option), as well as blank entries so you can keep all your future plant care guides in one place and track when you've watered and fertilized. *INCLUDES POSTAGE* CANADA ONLY

3. Course with Workbook + Journal/Tracker + 3 Plants in Cute Pots  $236
No need to delay! Get your journal and plants to practice with right away. Includes Spider Plant (great air purifier, propagates easily), Polkadot Plant (pretty and is very clear about watering needs), and Peperomia Watermelon (very tolerant, propagates easily). Comes with 12 litre dry mix of organic fertilizer. All are pet-friendly. 🐱 🐶 🐰 *INCLUDES DELIVERY* Greater Toronto Area ONLY

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