All Natural Gardening Bundle

a line up of all-natural, refillable gardening supplies for plants and hands
amber jar of gardeners&
All Natural Gardening Bundle
All Natural Gardening Bundle
All Natural Gardening Bundle
All Natural Gardening Bundle
amber glass bottle and jar containing all natural gardeners&

All Natural Gardening Bundle

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This all-natural kit for gardeners will give your plants super powers, and take care of your hands while you expose them to the elements like dirt, water, stone and temperature changes.

Our Tonic and Elixir duo deliver a balanced fertilizer, leaf shine, and pest control with Neem oil.

Our Hand and Body formulas were created with hard working DIYers and outdoor lovers in mind - especially ones exposed to sun, water, sanitizer and the elements! 


 Plant Tonic: 500ml

Neem oil + other botanicals will deter, kill and prevent future infestations of insects and mold, all while benefiting your house plants. Soapnut is what shines up your leaves.

Those fungus gnats will be no more! Your showstopper Monstera and Bird of Paradise leaves will shine!

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Azadirachta indica Oil, Sapindus saponaria, Vegetable Glycerin, Castile Soap, Melaleuca alternifolia Oil, Mentha arvensis Oil, Rosmarinus officinalis Oil, Thymus serpyllum Oil, Lavandula officinalis Oil.


Plant Elixir: makes 12 litres

This all-natural plant food dry mix was formulated and thoroughly tested by herbalists and gardeners. Vitamins and minerals come from kelp, egg shells, and epsom salts, while the humic acid in worm castings add a beneficial micro biome to the soil. 

Ingredients: Worm Castings, Laminaria digitata Meal, Egg Shells, Magnesium Sulfate.


Hand and Body Repair Cream: 100ml

Within 3 days, you should see the healing and smoothing of chapped, cracked and painful hands and fingers.

Ingredients: cream base from coconut, vegetable non-GMO glycerine, calendula herb infusion in safflower oil, honey, hyaluronic acid, arrowroot powder, rosemary and spearmint essential oils.


Hand and Body Cleansing Scrub: 250ml

This soap is an exfoliator with a moisturizing twist. Fine pumice, apricot kernel and jojoba oil beads leave your hands clean, but without feeling stripped and dried out!

Ingredients: soap base from coconut, apricot kernel, ground pumice, jojoba oil beads, rosemary and spearmint essential oils, corn starch.

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