Book a Hands-On Wellness Workshop with Sarah!

by Sarah Peel


Looking for a team-building experience that enhances mental wellness? 

I have been creating and hosting environmentally focused workshops for all ages for over 20 years. I'd love to work with your school or workplace to design something that's right for you!

Generally speaking, every workshop I create has a mix of planting, ecology, creativity, mental wellness tips, and a mindfulness practice, such as breathing or chair yoga. The medium can be terraria or a simple planter.

I have worked with (and been rebooked) Trent Durham Peer Health, The Daughter Project, Unique Town Boutique, GHD Engineering, Bohemian Bliss Yoga, and Oshawa Seniors Centres. I've also done virtual kids workshops during the the Spring Break 2021 in lockdown. 

Here are links to two examples of workshops I've offered to the public. Terraria & Yoga for adults. DIY Planter Kits for kids.

Check out these two Reels on Instagram if you'd like to see a kit, examples of our DIY terraria, or "chair yoga" in action!

Please email me at info @ to chat about your group's needs and organization's budget. I'm happy to customize just the right experience for you!



About the Teacher

Sarah Peel is the right person to create a learning experience that connects your head, heart and hands! She is the Founder of Petit Soleil, a yogi with deep prayer practice, and an experienced classroom teacher with a degree in Environmental Studies. She has grown her own garden and tended to house plants for as long as she can remember, but over this year of the pandemic, she really became curious about the connection between mental wellness, self care, and tending to house plants. What recent brain and productivity science reveals on this topic is really stunning! You will be sparked by the magic (mystery + science) of plants, refreshed with deep breathing and mindfulness, and (re)inspired to care for your mental wellness in these frustrating and unpredictable times!