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From our customers


Sarah is extremely knowledgeable about plants and what they need (or don’t need!) Her services are easy to use and she is willing to listen to any and all plant-parent problems. Thank you Sarah!

Kristin Szabo

Petit Soleil knows how to curate interesting pots with just the right plants. Sarah takes into account textures, colours and shapes, which make her arrangements great decorating accents.

Thalita Murray

Sarah is a friendly instructor, who made learning about plants and mental health a fun process! As a beginner, I not only learned care tips for my plants, but also how to remain aware of my own self-care needs.

Michelle Diaz

Sarah helped me choose the right plant for every member of my family. She is very knowledgeable on the light conditions and care needed for each one.

Jonathan Manafo

I love my polkadot plant and Arrowhead macrame hanger! I sent photos and Sarah helped me pick the right combination for two spots in our home.

Mary Vitelli

As new houseplants enthusiasts, we are already repeat customers of Petit Soleil.Β  The plants are of good quality and beautifully potted in unique, fun pots! At one of our drop-off arrangements, Sarah was super constructive in helping us identify a plant we've had for years.Β  She is very knowledgeable and maintains great rapport with her customers even after the purchases.Β  We appreciate the plant advice! We encourage supporting local businesses and hope to see Petit Soleil grow.

Carolyn Tran

When I found Petit Soleil Studio, their beautiful photos of stunning plants caught my eye, but what was most intriguing was how informative each social media post was. So much time and effort goes into each plant and plant care description, as a customer going that extra mile is extremely appreciated. Sarah is extremely easy to talk to and her customer service is above and beyond. She revived my aloe plants with the repotting service and pointed me in the right direction on how to do it myself with my prayer plant. This gave me the confidence to rescue my own plants, which I am extremely grateful for.

Kristine Foster

This wasn't my first purchase from Sarah at Petit Soleil, but it was definitely one of my favourites! Love the grandeur of this fiddle leaf fig. Each plant is thoughtfully selected and then curated with beautiful pots or macrame holders. She has the plant "know how" and all the tips and tricks to keep my plant babies alive and thriving. And I keep coming back for more!

Madeline Jensen

Hands on learning

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90 ml glass jar of Happy Kitty Inner Skin Hydration
Happy Kitty | Inner Skin Hydration
Petit Soleil Studio
gardeners' hand scrub in refillable amber glass bottle surrounded by pumice, spearmint and rosemary leaves
video demonstration of cleaning hands with gardeners' hand scrub
Hand and Body Cleansing Scrub | Rosemary Spearmint
Petit Soleil Studio
from $0.17
500 ml amber glass spray bottle with "plant tonic" label on it. Beside it is a refill bottle. Plants surrounding it it are pothos, snake plant and monstera.
500 ml amber glass spray bottle next to a prayer plant and begonia
Plant Tonic: All-Natural Pest Control + Leaf Shine
Petit Soleil Studio
from $0.05
Plant Elixir: Kelp + Humic Acid Plant Food (12 litres)
Petit Soleil Studio
from $0.15
solid maple propagation station with glass tubes. Plant cuttings in water are Monstera deliciosa, Golden pothos, ZZ plant, and Begonia maculata.
Top view of plant cuttings in propagation station. They are Monstera deliciosa, Golden pothos, ZZ plant, and Begonia maculata.
Propagation Station with Glass and Solid Wood Base
Petit Soleil Studio
from $55.00
My First Book of House Plants
Petit Soleil Studio
String of Pearls in White Macrame
Petit Soleil Studio

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